‘Tie Arundhati Roy to army jeep’: Paresh Rawal kicks up a storm on Twitter

Bollywood actor and parliamentarian BJP, Paresh Rawal, found themselves in the middle of a storm on Monday after Twitter said that writer Arundhati Roy was attached to a military jeep, suggesting that it is being used in a manner similar to that of A Kashmir valley in the past month.
“Instead of linking the pewter stone to the army jeep, Arundhati Roy joins!” The member of the Lok Sabha Gujarat tweeted Sunday night. It was not clear in what context he was speaking. His comments provoked the condemnation of many users on Twitter, some considering as an attempt to incite an elected public representative. The incident in April in which one of Kashmir was linked to a jeep army, apparently as a human shield, provoked outrage in Kashmir. The army has initiated an investigation into a court personnel about the incident.
Rawal also approved a tweet from another user who suggested that journalist Sagarika Ghose is treated the same way. Roy is an award-winning writer whose views on the separatist Kashmir have been controversial. He has also been a strong critic of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who left the Rawal state is now a deputy.
Sagarika Ghose in a vein seems sarcastic, citing the tweet Rawal.It is one of the Indian personalities led by the trolls who support the Bharatiya Janata Party for their political opinions.Royal no, Is on Twitter.
Rawal’s comments also caught the attention of many Twitter users, with a little tab with more names that they would like to be treated in this way.

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