Google Android O Preview: Smart Text Selection, Picture-in-Picture, Android Go And More

Google Android O Preview: Smart Text Selection, Picture-in-Picture, Android Go And More

Google 1 Day I / O at the Shoreline Amphitheater at Mountain View Headquarters, Google has celebrated a milestone to reach 2 billion Android active monthly products in the world. At the event, Google showed several ways that are working to make Android more useful, including a beta version of Android O.
Android O, later this year, aims to provide smoother experiences for users as well as improvements to areas of the phone called “vital signs” such as battery life and safety. Selecting smart text will help improve copy and paste using the machine learning to recognise entities on the screen as a complete address. Users can even view an application as maps to help navigate to that address.
Under the hood, Android O aims to make smartphone and apps boot faster, with additional optimisations to developers in order to prevent battery fading.
Android Or starts deploying later this year, but developers can try using the / beta preview now. Google also aims to reach the next billion users with a new initiative: Android Go.
Android Go is a new configuration of Android initiative for Android devices entry level. The goal of Go Android is to get computers into the hands of more people by creating a smartphone experience on all Android devices with 1 GB or less of memory.
Android Go is designed with relevant features for people who have limited data connectivity and speak several languages. It focuses on three main areas: the Android operating system, Google Apps and Google Play Store.
This is an optimisation of the latest version of Android, starting with Android O to run smoothly on entry-level devices.
It also includes Google apps designed specifically like go YouTube, Chrome and Gboard, use less memory, storage and mobile data. There will also be a Play Store version that highlights apps designed specifically for the next billion users, while still offering the entire suite of apps.
All three things will be spent together as a single entity, starting in 2018.

Best Inversion table Ever

Teeter inversion table reviews | Best Inversion table Ever

The investment in the  table Teeter Hang Ups EP-560 is undoubtedly one of the best investment tables on the market today. Used for both reverse therapy and basic exercises is a very popular choice of quality inversion chart.
Rolling experience hangs ups, as designer and manufacturer of top quality investment table since the early 1980s, has been applied to this unit with great success.

Teeter EP-960 Ltd. The investment table is one of the best, which is a brand that has been the pioneer of investment tables since the 90s, has a very robust construction and has been tested in accordance with quality standards UL safety, the whole product weighs 65.5 pounds which can withstand the weight of up to 300 pounds. Users rely heavily on the safety features of the reversing table to avoid serious injury, so the EZ-Tether reversing angle mark preset angles at 20, 40 and 60 degrees, can also adjust the angles of According to your comfort. He only does what he says.

Here We will give you the complete review of the one of the Best Inversion Tables Teeter EP-960 which has changed the history of Inversion tables in the fitness industry.


Rolling hangs ups EP-560:


Consumers like this image comes from a reputable company that is a leader in the industry. It also has an unparalleled reputation for quality, standards, and testing, which is confirmed in many customer comments.

With the PE-560, Rolling PROOF is a company that believes in commitment to quality and you have to address the source of your pain and not just cover up the symptoms.

HOW can the investment table EP-560 UPS help you?

Invest in an investment table Teeter EP-560 which could help in several ways, including:

  • Relieving back pain
  • Decompressing spine helping blood circulation
  • Relieving joint and muscle stress
  • Increasing muscle strength and improve your posture
  • Strengthening your back
  • Reducing problems sleeping
  • Helping you stay in shape
  • Reducing stress


Rolling hangs ups has some of the best investment tables designed and built in the industry and are the only brand invested with certified quality.


Very easy to assemble and install. The board is shipped 90% pre-assembled and comes with complete instructions. Although the company says it takes 13 minutes to mount the EP-560, we consider that it would take about 15 to 25 minutes for the average person to initialize the table, including easily adjusting the settings for weight and height.


EP-560 is solidly constructed of heat treated carbon steel, has self-closing hinges and special non-grinding roller bearings. So it will last a lot with normal use.


Eg, The PE-560 didactic learning plugin. Learning by rolling EP-560 is simple and takes only a few minutes because the system is very easy to understand and use.

To show you how to use the decompression table and core workouts, the product comes with:

A laminated owner’s manual

A DVD instruction of five stretching and strengthening exercises 10 to 20 minutes created by Dr. Shawn.
This investment chart is ideal for beginners and more experienced users.


It has the exact weight of 65.5 pounds to balance the weight increases to 300. Its quality design is very reliable regarding its safety, minimizing the risk of injuries or pain in the joints.

With reversing angles of 20.40.60 degrees angles are much more likely to be adjusted to give you much comfort. When it comes to a strong grip your EZ system ankle appears. Its retention capacity is so remarkable that you may not have to be careful anywhere else.

It has a triple locking security system that gives you a relaxing and comfortable experience, and you are provided with an extension of the handle, so there is no need to bend your ankles. It is extremely useful for securing ankles.

Exclusive: Read Excerpts From Sita: Warrior of Mithila by Amish Tripathi

Exclusive: Read Excerpts From Sita: Warrior of Mithila by Amish Tripathi

Through this exclusive agreement with Westland Ltd, Network18 Digital brings you a brand new concept in book publishing! Every day Network18 digital publish a small selection of about 600 words from Amish’s upcoming book, Sita – Mithila Warrior. See those little daily extracts that make up a series until the book launch May 29th But note that this extreme series May 29th Keep these excerpts from every day for the next 13 days will amount to a little less Of 4 chapters, as an aperitif. While the food is in the book! And it will be available May 29th You can pre-book Sita – Mithila Warrior by clicking on the links at the end of this brief summary. Surnaina clearly ignored the beam behind the vulture. Concentrate on the massive bird, which began to unravel a mellow and relaxing melody. The vulture seemed to fade a little. He withdrew his claws. Grunt reduced in volume and intensity.
Sunaina stepped forward. Gently. Little by little. Once she lowered her head and put the bowl of water attached to the birds. Then he backed away too slowly. She spoke in a melodious voice. “I came to help … trust me …”
The stupid beast understands the tone of the human. He complained to drink water, but instead fell to the ground. Sunaina ran and bowed her head to the bird now, caressing softly. The boy, wrapped in a rich cloth of red color with black stripes, weeping desperately. She motioned for a soldier to collect the precious prize while continuing to calm the bird. What a handsome baby, stuck Janak, as he leaned his large rigid frame and approached his wife, his eyes usually as far as but separated full of love and attention.
Janak and Sunaina were sitting in temporarily installed chairs. The baby was sleeping comfortably in Sunaina’s arm, slipped into a soft cotton cloth. A massive umbrella they shade the hot sun. The actual doctor examined the baby and a wound was placed on the right temple with herbs and neem leaves.

How how to succeed in IAS Exam in First Attempt

How how to succeed in IAS Exam in First Attempt

The preliminary examination of the civil service to be carried out by the examination of the public services of the Union is considered to be the most difficult stage in the whole process of a selection of IAS. Out of 100 candidates, who write the Prelims, 97 can not limit the preliminaries for two main reasons:
The review is expected to take place on 7 August. The total number of candidates is 9.5 lakh whose number of candidates who are eligible for the second stage will be only about 15,000. About one million candidates are struggling to find a place in the 15,000 most positions High, making the preliminary step certainly not a walk to the cake. But, if you are a serious candidate, embrace the right strategies, guidance and study material, self-study is enough.

Of the 9.5 lakh candidates, only half a session for Prelims!
Of the 9.5 lakh candidates, who enroll in the Civil Services preliminary examination, generally only half of them take the preliminary examination on D-Day. It is still more important in view of the number of vacancies. Approximately 15,000 to 16,000 candidates (12 to 13 times the number of vacancies) will be selected for the next round, ie the civil service order review. This means that only 3% 100 of the candidates will pass the exam.

How to prepare for the preliminary examination of civil services?

So it is important to plot a powerful strategy to eliminate IAS specimens and to be at the top 15000. Eliminating preliminaries will prove to be a lag if the aspirant gets proper orientation and orientation.

1. GS Paper 1 is the key now: review all topics!

Until 2014, GS Paper 2’s high ranking (known as CSAT) was the fastest and fastest way to decipher preliminary civilian services. By putting less effort compared to GS Paper 1, aspirants used a high score in this paper and preliminaries. But, with changes in the UPSC model in 2015, this strategy will not work in the future.

On the basic plan, covering all topics of the preliminary public service examination is the best approach to eliminating preliminaries now. It is not recommended to give priority to a particular book or area by thinking that questions will come from this source. Similarly, it is equally important not to miss simple questions from traditional subjects such as economics, geography, history and politeness. At least, brushing up NCERT books and prior questions from past years would be a good idea if you are cruelly unfolded. Keeping an eye on restricted competition, areas like culture and the environment should also be triggered. Preparation of routine business should be done taking into account the latest government projects and bills.

2. Take, Clear IAS preliminary simulated exams:

This is a field that distinguishes successful candidates from those who fail to crack the preliminaries. The simulated tests are an integral part of the regular preparations for successful candidates. By reviewing the attempts, you have the possibility to identify your errors. Writing simulated tests gives you confidence that is the key to success in any exam.

3. Investing in Good Books for Preliminary Public Service Review UPSC:

The collection of recommended books and good study materials is of paramount importance. NCERT books are supposed to be read by experts as well as selected candidates as they eliminate fundamental doubts and help candidates score higher marks at the two stages of the Civil Service Review – Prelims and Hands.

4. Follow our Prelims cum Mains approach:

For GS Paper 1, an ideal strategy would be to cover in detail the GS Mains and Prelims program which would give the concept clarity on all major topics. The type of questions asked in Prelims and Hands is different, but there are many areas where there is also overlap. A preliminary-axial integrated approach clings to the aspirants of civilian services who rely on preliminaries and networks in a single attempt. A good knowledge of overlapping and non-overlapping areas in the UPSC GS program for Prelims and Mains certainly gives you a competitive mileage compared to your competitors.

5. Go with a relaxed mind on the day of the exam:

All your efforts go in vain if you lose your cold on the day of the exam. It is pertinent to carefully read the questions and to ensure that you do not commit

IPL 2017: David Warner Sends Out Heartfelt Message to Fans Before Leaving India

IPL 2017: David Warner Sends Out Heartfelt Message to Fans Before Leaving India

New Delhi: David Warner went to Australia after Sunrisers Hyderabad have failed in the Indian Premier League (IPL), after their defeat against Kolkata Knight Riders in Wednesday’s playoff shock. But before packing their bags, the SSR patron left a sincere note to his fans who appreciate his support over the past few months.
Defending champions have ruled against the cash because they lost two-time champion Calcutta by 7 shutouts in a rain-truncated match at M. Chinnaswamy Stadium.
Warner took social networks to thank all Hyderabad fans for their support throughout the tournament. The release of Warner read: “Thanks to all fans for all their support @SunRisers This means a lot to us as a franchise and players ..” The left expressed disappointment at not being able to defend their title successfully, but also He said the proof that they have done their best. Read your post. “Thanks to India and @SunRisers for their hospitality the last few months we could not get the job done, but we tried our best with 641 races in 14 games, Warner continues to lead the race until more races are scored in the league. The list is orange Cap Gautam Gambhir has 486 runs in 15 games.
However, Warner’s races, in the end, could help seal a spot in the final when he crashed in the first qualifying match. However, the Australian will be happy with his own performance and would take the momentum in the 2017 Trophy of Champions as well.

How do EVMs, VVPAT machines work? Election Commission to demonstrate tomorrow

How do EVMs, VVPAT machines work? Election Commission to demonstrate tomorrow

In the ongoing debate over the fact that electronic voting machines (EVMs) can be manipulated, the Election Commission said it would hold a press conference on Saturday to announce the dates of the “EVM challenge.” Aside from the press conference, the survey will demonstrate the operation of the EVM live machinery and the verifiable paper audit system (VVPAT) to prove that they are infallible.
Several opposition parties, Aam Aadmi as the party and Congress have advanced EVM manipulation allegations in the federal election that has just concluded. The AAP has also shown, in a special session of the Delhi Assembly, how the EVM machine could be manipulated using a special code that can be fed during the voting process. The EC has denied the allegations and is likely to bring “open defiance” to all political parties this month in which they can try to demonstrate the alteration of the machines. The EC said that VVPAT machines will be used in all upcoming elections which voters can verify with the paper’s help if the vote was actually paid to the party for which they voted. The decision was announced after a daily meeting of all parties. At the meeting, several parties raised the issue of counterfeiting of EVM and some, such as Congress-Trinamool, RJD and BSP have even suggested a return to paper ballots.

IPL Qualifier 2, MI vs KKR: Five things you need to know

IPL Qualifier 2, MI vs KKR: Five things you need to know

While the second qualifying match of the Indian Premier League 2017 arrives, we look at the M Chinnaswamy stadium to match the Mumbai Indians playing Kolkata Knight Riders. The Mumbai Indians here after losing by 20 races in the surge of supergiant riders Pune and Kolkata Knight headed here for a win over defending champion Sunrisers Hyderabad by 7 winters. This camp belongs equally to the Indians of Mumbai. In 20 games between the two games in 10 seasons, Mumbai won 15 games 20 against KKR. And this season, the record is in favour of MI Rohit Sharma. KKR lost both games in a reasonably strong position. At Wankhede, KKR was unable to defend 59 of 23 balls with Nitish Rana Hardik Pandya producing excellent shots. And more recently in his last home league game, KKR has failed to push 25 3 off and lost windows in a heap. This also allowed them to finish fourth – against the second, they were destined to win. The land of Bangalore has been reinstalled and races do not work this season. The best of this season has been 161 races of Pune supergiant even Wednesday SSR has struggled to get races on the surface. This is where things fall on the lap of KKR. They have an understanding of how the bowling alley behaved, when – and they did quite well – and then in the limited time in the middle, they also had threshing time. Both captains have a different style of approaching a game, behaving in a game and reacting to difficult situations. While Rohit behaves rather quietly and composed in difficult and urgent situations, Gambhir has developed over time an aggressive side that sets him apart from the rest and perhaps a good omen for the side and his push for an end point. With the bat, Gambhir has been a boost for the side and is second in the orange cap ranking with 486 runs in 15 games. Rohit, by contrast, has 283 runs in as many games.

Akhilesh govt splurged Rs 15 crore on functions to distribute Rs 20 crore: CAG

Akhilesh govt splurged Rs 15 crore on functions to distribute Rs 20 crore: CAG

The AKHILESH Yadav Government in Uttar Pradesh has spent Rs 15.06 crore between 2012 and 2013 the value of the check distribution functions of Rs 20.58 crore to the beneficiaries of the unemployment benefit scheme. And when the plan provided that the money should be deposited directly into the bank accounts of the beneficiaries.
This surprising conclusion is part of a report from the “General and Social Sector”, prepared by the Comptroller and Auditor General of India (CAG) and presented to the UP Assembly Thursday. According to the report, the previous SP government spent Rs 8.07 crore on seats, refreshments and other arrangements for these functions in 2012-2013 and Rs 6.99 million rupees in transporting the beneficiaries to the scene.
These controls were awarded to approximately 1.26 lakh unemployed and, in many places, were delivered personally by Akhilesh, then the head of government.
“An avoidable expense of Rs 15.06 crore was contracted to organize functions to distribute checks to beneficiaries Berozgari Bhatta Yojna ‘in 69 districts, although the unemployment benefit is credited to the bank accounts of the beneficiaries,” the report said Of CAG.
The quota system was initiated by the SP government 2003-2007 under Mulayam Singh Yadav with Rs 1000 for each of unemployed in the age of 30 to 40 years. The initiative concerned state residents enrolled in the employment office and an annual income of less than 36,000 Rs.
According to the CAG, the plan was reinstated by the Akhilesh government in May 2012. The report indicates that, in accordance with Rule 8.4 (i) of the Plan, payment should be submitted quarterly in cash savings accounts opened at Banks nationalized or in the chatria Gramin bank by the beneficiaries. Account details have been provided by beneficiaries on their application forms to make use of the plan.
The report also noted that the plan’s guidelines do not include any provisions for the transportation of beneficiaries or for seating and refreshment locations.
The report noted that the government, during a discussion on the project in November 2016, “acceptance of facts and figures, (and) opening bank accounts in the nationalized bank was mandatory according to the” Yama or vali “plan (Guidelines) “, stated that” payment to the beneficiary through bank accounts was not binding. “

Iran votes in verdict on President Hassan Rouhani’s economy, diplomacy

Iran votes in verdict on President Hassan Rouhani’s economy, diplomacy

Polls have opened Friday in Iran, voters voted to give their verdict on President Hassan Rouhani’s policy of opening up to the world and efforts to rebuild the stagnant economy. He faces a strong clergyman Ebrahim Raisi, 56, who has positioned himself as a defender of the poor and called for a much tougher line with the West.
Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei voted a few minutes after the polls opened at 8:00 am (03:30 GMT). “The fate of the country is in the hands of the Iranians,” he told reporters that he voted in his compound in Tehran.
The long queues had already been formed in the polling stations of the country. Rouhani, a moderate clergyman, 68, tried to frame the election as a choice between greater civil liberties and “extremism.”
He pushed the boundaries during the fortnight, criticising the continued detention of reformist leaders and activists and calling on security agencies not to interfere in the vote.
Raisi says he will build on the nuclear agreement with world powers 2015, which saw the brakes on Iran’s atomic program in exchange for a relief of sanctions but stressed the continued economic recession as evidence that diplomatic efforts have Failed Rouhani.
“Instead of using the capable hands of our young people to solve problems, they put our economy in the hands of strangers,” Raisi told a final meeting in the holy city of Mashhad on Wednesday.
Rouhani responded by calling on voters to keep straying Iran’s delicate diplomatic levers away.
“A wrong decision by the president could mean war and a right decision can mean peace,” he said in his own Mashhad compilation.
The election comes at a time of tension in US relations. And Iran.
Rouhani got a break on Wednesday when the administration of US President Donald Trump has agreed to continue to waive nuclear sanctions, keeping the agreement on track.
But Trump has launched a 90-day review of the agreement he could see abandoned and Iran’s regional rival visiting Saudi Arabia this weekend.
“For me, M. dialogue with the world and moderation in Rouhani society are very important,” said Zahra, a 32-year doctoral student in food science.
Under former hardline president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, “sanctions really hurt us. It was difficult to get lab equipment and very difficult to get visas to study abroad.” Now, my colleagues can travel in France and the United States, “he said.

Austrian troops may stop Italy migrants at Brenner Pass

Austrian troops may stop Italy migrants at Brenner Pass

Austrian troops may stop Italy migrants at Brenner Pass

Austria is ready to deploy troops and armor at the Brenner Pass – a border crossing with Italy – if the influx of immigrants into Italy continues to grow.

Defense Minister Hans Peter Doskozil announced the measures in an interview with the Austrian newspaper Kronen Zeitung.

He said four Pandur armored vehicles had been sent to the Tyrol region and that 750 soldiers were on alert.

Austria has established its borders with Hungary. But in other places, it adheres to the system of opening of the borders of the EU.

Mr. Doskozil said a military deployment at the Brenner Pass would be “essential so that the influx of Italy [across the Mediterranean] does not diminish.”

The gangs of people smugglers exploited violence and chaos in Libya. The shortest journey from Libya to Italy is about 460 kilometers (290 miles).

Italy warned that the current arrivals of migrants is unsustainable and could even close their ports and salvage ships to prevent aid agencies.

The Schengen system – free movement on most European borders – has been overwhelmed by the influx of immigrants and refugees by 2015.
They reached central Europe through the Balkans – and the most sought after asylum in Germany. Since then, controls closer to the borders in the Balkans have reduced the number to the north of Greece.

Most of the influx was in Austria by Hungary. Many of those who arrived by train or on foot were refugees from Syria, Iraq and other areas of conflict.
Brenner’s passage is now considered a potential point of migration, as the influx to Italy so far this year is greater than last year.

Around 85 000 migrants and refugees have arrived in Italy in the first half of this year, across the Mediterranean.

The UN refugee agency, UNHCR, said about 20% of the first half of 2016. More than 2,000 people died trying to reach Italy.

Note on Terminology: The BBC uses the term “migrant” to refer to all persons on the move who have not yet completed the legal process asylum application.

This group includes people from war torn countries like Syria, who are prone to refugee status fleeing, and people seeking employment and a better life, which governments are prone to reign are economic migrants.