How do EVMs, VVPAT machines work? Election Commission to demonstrate tomorrow

In the ongoing debate over the fact that electronic voting machines (EVMs) can be manipulated, the Election Commission said it would hold a press conference on Saturday to announce the dates of the “EVM challenge.” Aside from the press conference, the survey will demonstrate the operation of the EVM live machinery and the verifiable paper audit system (VVPAT) to prove that they are infallible.
Several opposition parties, Aam Aadmi as the party and Congress have advanced EVM manipulation allegations in the federal election that has just concluded. The AAP has also shown, in a special session of the Delhi Assembly, how the EVM machine could be manipulated using a special code that can be fed during the voting process. The EC has denied the allegations and is likely to bring “open defiance” to all political parties this month in which they can try to demonstrate the alteration of the machines. The EC said that VVPAT machines will be used in all upcoming elections which voters can verify with the paper’s help if the vote was actually paid to the party for which they voted. The decision was announced after a daily meeting of all parties. At the meeting, several parties raised the issue of counterfeiting of EVM and some, such as Congress-Trinamool, RJD and BSP have even suggested a return to paper ballots.

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