Google Android O Preview: Smart Text Selection, Picture-in-Picture, Android Go And More

Google 1 Day I / O at the Shoreline Amphitheater at Mountain View Headquarters, Google has celebrated a milestone to reach 2 billion Android active monthly products in the world. At the event, Google showed several ways that are working to make Android more useful, including a beta version of Android O.
Android O, later this year, aims to provide smoother experiences for users as well as improvements to areas of the phone called “vital signs” such as battery life and safety. Selecting smart text will help improve copy and paste using the machine learning to recognise entities on the screen as a complete address. Users can even view an application as maps to help navigate to that address.
Under the hood, Android O aims to make smartphone and apps boot faster, with additional optimisations to developers in order to prevent battery fading.
Android Or starts deploying later this year, but developers can try using the / beta preview now. Google also aims to reach the next billion users with a new initiative: Android Go.
Android Go is a new configuration of Android initiative for Android devices entry level. The goal of Go Android is to get computers into the hands of more people by creating a smartphone experience on all Android devices with 1 GB or less of memory.
Android Go is designed with relevant features for people who have limited data connectivity and speak several languages. It focuses on three main areas: the Android operating system, Google Apps and Google Play Store.
This is an optimisation of the latest version of Android, starting with Android O to run smoothly on entry-level devices.
It also includes Google apps designed specifically like go YouTube, Chrome and Gboard, use less memory, storage and mobile data. There will also be a Play Store version that highlights apps designed specifically for the next billion users, while still offering the entire suite of apps.
All three things will be spent together as a single entity, starting in 2018.

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