EC to Hold EVM Demo of Its Own, Decide on Hackathon Tomorrow

The Electoral Commission will hold a demonstration on Saturday to counteract the manipulation of EVM by a multitude of opposition parties, mainly the AAP. The date of the hackathon – the open challenge of the voting panel technocrats and political parties – is also likely to be announced on Saturday.
The demo poll comes just weeks after the party panel Aam Aadmi successfully managed to hack EVM when his deputy, Saurabh Bhardwaj, gave a point-by-point demonstration on how to forge the voting machine during an extraordinary session of The Assembly of Delhi. The AAP Arvind Kejriwal and Mahajan Samaj (BSP) party Mayawati claimed that the EVM had been falsified in parliamentary elections in February and March in five states and just Delhi civic surveys concluded. The Electoral Commission had a meeting on May 12 with representatives of seven national parties and 35 States Parties to assure them that the EVM can not be manipulated. After the meeting, Delhi’s head of government Arvind Kejriwal has alleged that the polling panel had renewed its promise to make a hackathon. However, the EC said that the challenge was on and that the date would be announced soon.

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