EC to Hold EVM Demo of Its Own, Decide on Hackathon Tomorrow

EC to Hold EVM Demo of Its Own, Decide on Hackathon Tomorrow

The Electoral Commission will hold a demonstration on Saturday to counteract the manipulation of EVM by a multitude of opposition parties, mainly the AAP. The date of the hackathon – the open challenge of the voting panel technocrats and political parties – is also likely to be announced on Saturday.
The demo poll comes just weeks after the party panel Aam Aadmi successfully managed to hack EVM when his deputy, Saurabh Bhardwaj, gave a point-by-point demonstration on how to forge the voting machine during an extraordinary session of The Assembly of Delhi. The AAP Arvind Kejriwal and Mahajan Samaj (BSP) party Mayawati claimed that the EVM had been falsified in parliamentary elections in February and March in five states and just Delhi civic surveys concluded. The Electoral Commission had a meeting on May 12 with representatives of seven national parties and 35 States Parties to assure them that the EVM can not be manipulated. After the meeting, Delhi’s head of government Arvind Kejriwal has alleged that the polling panel had renewed its promise to make a hackathon. However, the EC said that the challenge was on and that the date would be announced soon.

Akhilesh govt splurged Rs 15 crore on functions to distribute Rs 20 crore: CAG

Akhilesh govt splurged Rs 15 crore on functions to distribute Rs 20 crore: CAG

The AKHILESH Yadav Government in Uttar Pradesh has spent Rs 15.06 crore between 2012 and 2013 the value of the check distribution functions of Rs 20.58 crore to the beneficiaries of the unemployment benefit scheme. And when the plan provided that the money should be deposited directly into the bank accounts of the beneficiaries.
This surprising conclusion is part of a report from the “General and Social Sector”, prepared by the Comptroller and Auditor General of India (CAG) and presented to the UP Assembly Thursday. According to the report, the previous SP government spent Rs 8.07 crore on seats, refreshments and other arrangements for these functions in 2012-2013 and Rs 6.99 million rupees in transporting the beneficiaries to the scene.
These controls were awarded to approximately 1.26 lakh unemployed and, in many places, were delivered personally by Akhilesh, then the head of government.
“An avoidable expense of Rs 15.06 crore was contracted to organize functions to distribute checks to beneficiaries Berozgari Bhatta Yojna ‘in 69 districts, although the unemployment benefit is credited to the bank accounts of the beneficiaries,” the report said Of CAG.
The quota system was initiated by the SP government 2003-2007 under Mulayam Singh Yadav with Rs 1000 for each of unemployed in the age of 30 to 40 years. The initiative concerned state residents enrolled in the employment office and an annual income of less than 36,000 Rs.
According to the CAG, the plan was reinstated by the Akhilesh government in May 2012. The report indicates that, in accordance with Rule 8.4 (i) of the Plan, payment should be submitted quarterly in cash savings accounts opened at Banks nationalized or in the chatria Gramin bank by the beneficiaries. Account details have been provided by beneficiaries on their application forms to make use of the plan.
The report also noted that the plan’s guidelines do not include any provisions for the transportation of beneficiaries or for seating and refreshment locations.
The report noted that the government, during a discussion on the project in November 2016, “acceptance of facts and figures, (and) opening bank accounts in the nationalized bank was mandatory according to the” Yama or vali “plan (Guidelines) “, stated that” payment to the beneficiary through bank accounts was not binding. “

Iran votes in verdict on President Hassan Rouhani’s economy, diplomacy

Iran votes in verdict on President Hassan Rouhani’s economy, diplomacy

Polls have opened Friday in Iran, voters voted to give their verdict on President Hassan Rouhani’s policy of opening up to the world and efforts to rebuild the stagnant economy. He faces a strong clergyman Ebrahim Raisi, 56, who has positioned himself as a defender of the poor and called for a much tougher line with the West.
Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei voted a few minutes after the polls opened at 8:00 am (03:30 GMT). “The fate of the country is in the hands of the Iranians,” he told reporters that he voted in his compound in Tehran.
The long queues had already been formed in the polling stations of the country. Rouhani, a moderate clergyman, 68, tried to frame the election as a choice between greater civil liberties and “extremism.”
He pushed the boundaries during the fortnight, criticising the continued detention of reformist leaders and activists and calling on security agencies not to interfere in the vote.
Raisi says he will build on the nuclear agreement with world powers 2015, which saw the brakes on Iran’s atomic program in exchange for a relief of sanctions but stressed the continued economic recession as evidence that diplomatic efforts have Failed Rouhani.
“Instead of using the capable hands of our young people to solve problems, they put our economy in the hands of strangers,” Raisi told a final meeting in the holy city of Mashhad on Wednesday.
Rouhani responded by calling on voters to keep straying Iran’s delicate diplomatic levers away.
“A wrong decision by the president could mean war and a right decision can mean peace,” he said in his own Mashhad compilation.
The election comes at a time of tension in US relations. And Iran.
Rouhani got a break on Wednesday when the administration of US President Donald Trump has agreed to continue to waive nuclear sanctions, keeping the agreement on track.
But Trump has launched a 90-day review of the agreement he could see abandoned and Iran’s regional rival visiting Saudi Arabia this weekend.
“For me, M. dialogue with the world and moderation in Rouhani society are very important,” said Zahra, a 32-year doctoral student in food science.
Under former hardline president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, “sanctions really hurt us. It was difficult to get lab equipment and very difficult to get visas to study abroad.” Now, my colleagues can travel in France and the United States, “he said.

Austrian troops may stop Italy migrants at Brenner Pass

Austrian troops may stop Italy migrants at Brenner Pass

Austrian troops may stop Italy migrants at Brenner Pass

Austria is ready to deploy troops and armor at the Brenner Pass – a border crossing with Italy – if the influx of immigrants into Italy continues to grow.

Defense Minister Hans Peter Doskozil announced the measures in an interview with the Austrian newspaper Kronen Zeitung.

He said four Pandur armored vehicles had been sent to the Tyrol region and that 750 soldiers were on alert.

Austria has established its borders with Hungary. But in other places, it adheres to the system of opening of the borders of the EU.

Mr. Doskozil said a military deployment at the Brenner Pass would be “essential so that the influx of Italy [across the Mediterranean] does not diminish.”

The gangs of people smugglers exploited violence and chaos in Libya. The shortest journey from Libya to Italy is about 460 kilometers (290 miles).

Italy warned that the current arrivals of migrants is unsustainable and could even close their ports and salvage ships to prevent aid agencies.

The Schengen system – free movement on most European borders – has been overwhelmed by the influx of immigrants and refugees by 2015.
They reached central Europe through the Balkans – and the most sought after asylum in Germany. Since then, controls closer to the borders in the Balkans have reduced the number to the north of Greece.

Most of the influx was in Austria by Hungary. Many of those who arrived by train or on foot were refugees from Syria, Iraq and other areas of conflict.
Brenner’s passage is now considered a potential point of migration, as the influx to Italy so far this year is greater than last year.

Around 85 000 migrants and refugees have arrived in Italy in the first half of this year, across the Mediterranean.

The UN refugee agency, UNHCR, said about 20% of the first half of 2016. More than 2,000 people died trying to reach Italy.

Note on Terminology: The BBC uses the term “migrant” to refer to all persons on the move who have not yet completed the legal process asylum application.

This group includes people from war torn countries like Syria, who are prone to refugee status fleeing, and people seeking employment and a better life, which governments are prone to reign are economic migrants.

Elton John bomb plotter Haroon Syed jailed for life

Elton John bomb plotter Haroon Syed jailed for life

Elton John bomb plotter Haroon Syed jailed for life

A 19-year-old man has been jailed for life for planning a bomb attack that may have targeted an Elton John concert or Oxford Street in central London.
Haroon Syed, of west London, admitted preparing acts of terrorism after trying to source weapons including a suicide bomb and machine gun.
He was caught after approaching MI5 officers, who were posing as a fellow extremist, via social media.
Syed was sentenced to a minimum of 16 years and six months.
Last year, his brother was jailed for life for plotting to behead someone on Remembrance Sunday.
Judge Michael Topolski QC said Syed wanted to carry out “an act of mass murder” and therefore a discretionary life sentence was warranted.
‘Do martyrdom’
Prosecutors say Syed’s plans ranged from becoming a suicide bomber to staging a gun attack, and while he initially boasted of working with others, those people did not materialise.
Instead, over the summer of last year, he made increasingly urgent efforts to secure weaponry.
After he went online looking for help, a purported jihadist fighting overseas, known only as Abu Isa, introduced him to another extremist going by the name Abu Yusuf.
This second man was, in fact, a group of MI5 officers who were playing the role of a jihadist in what became weeks of social media chat with Syed.
Teen admits planning ‘London bomb attack’
Duncan Penny QC, prosecuting, told the Old Bailey there was initially some “suspicion on both sides” before Abu Yusuf concluded that Syed was a “committed brother” he could deal with.
Syed then began talking about his aspirations and gave his contact a shopping list, saying he wanted “do martyrdom” after first causing “damage” with a machine gun.
“Can you get the gear?” asked Syed. “You will be involved right?
“Two things. Number one, machine gun and we need someone who can make a vest you know the dugma [button] one. So after some damage with machine gun then do itishadi [martyrdom] … that’s what I’m planning to do.”
The undercover officer told Syed guns were expensive – but he might be able to get someone to build a bomb. Syed floated the idea of going to fight overseas with his new-found friend – but revealed his passport had been cancelled by the authorities.
He tried and failed twice to get fraudulent loans of thousands of pounds to cover the cost of firearms – and eventually agreed to meet his contact in a coffee shop in Slough, Berkshire, to finalise an alternative plan.
Haroon Syed
Image caption
The 19-year-old admitted preparing acts of terrorism
Over two meetings, he talked about his aspirations and then handed over £150, asking for a bomb packed with nails. The conversation was secretly recorded.
“I was thinking of Oxford Street,” he told his contact. “If you put those things inside called nails, do you know what that is, nails? Those sharp things – lots of them inside.
“Good man, can’t wait akhi [brother]. If I go to prison, I go to prison. If I die, I die, you understand? I have got to get to Jannah [heaven].”
The undercover officer later told Syed a “bomb-making brother” would have the device ready within days – and the suspect went online to narrow his list of targets.
His web searches included “packed places in London” and “Elton John, Hyde Park, 11 September” – a major concert hosted by BBC Radio 2 which also featured Status Quo and Madness.
‘ISIS’ password
Prosecutors say Syed’s character had begun to change outwardly in late 2014, coinciding with the growing support among British extremists for the self-styled Islamic State group.
During the course of the investigation, detectives found his web searches jumped about as he tried to satisfy himself that an attack on civilians was theologically justifiable.
One of his last searches, a week before his arrest, was: “How can I stop being upset about the UK killing innocent Syrians and get on with my day?”
When counter-terrorist detectives arrested him in September and asked him for the password for his phone, he replied: “ISIS – you like that?”
Syed’s was one of 18 terror plots to have been foiled since 2013.
Mitigating, Mark Summers QC said it was a “crude, ill-thought-out” plan made at the behest of others.

The court heard Syed had fallen under the influence of members of banned extremist group Al-Muhajiroun, and that he now publicly rejected his past beliefs and condemned the recent bomb attack in Manchester.

No ‘specific agenda,’ but Trump, Putin have lots to discuss

No ‘specific agenda,’ but Trump, Putin have lots to discuss

No ‘specific agenda,’ but Trump, Putin have lots to discuss

WASHINGTON – The first face-to-face meeting with President Donald Trump Russian President Vladimir Poutine this week is going to be overwhelmed with global intrigues, but the White House says there is no specific agenda. So, in the absence of a number of issues, we are two of the most famous world leaders to discuss unpredictable?

Trump, who prefers to have carefully packaged achievements to pair with high-level meetings, perhaps in search of some concessions to Russia to prove that he made progress and helps restore a productive relationship between the two powers. Putin certainly wants something in return, and there is a long list of irritants between the two countries that they could solve.

Following the meeting, the White House National Security Council and State Department officials discussed possible actions that the United States could offer Russia within the framework of the meeting, said a former and former administration official. They were not allowed to comment publicly and ask for anonymity.
However, any external sign of cordiality between Trump and Putin immediately captured by critics of the president and the Russian hawks eager to show surrounding the Russian leader. Ongoing investigations into Russia’s interference in the US election and potential Trump collusion campaign will not be far from anyone’s mind.

The two leaders will sit in Hamburg, Germany, under the Group of 20. Before the meeting, Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak met in Washington on Monday to prepare US diplomat 3, Thomas Shannon.
Trump has been reluctant to publicly and directly recognize the role of Russia in the interference of US elections, by an apparent concern, undermines the legitimacy of his victory. He also insisted there was no collusion with him or his campaign, a finding that US investigators have yet to reach.

US officials say Russia has attempted to hack into electoral systems in 21 states and influence the Trump elections, a level of interference in the US political system that security experts are a high-level threat must carry out a Blunt response from the United States. Deny this.
There is no indication that Trump is considering increasing Russia’s interference in the meeting. However, if it does not, it will give fuel to critics who say that Trump openly ignores a major threat to national security. It could also encourage those who say that Trump is trying to cover the Russians after enjoying their interference.

5 reasons why Israel matters to India

5 reasons why Israel matters to India

5 reasons why Israel matters to India

NEW DELHI: Defense, agriculture, trade, diplomacy and water management will dominate the talks during the current visit of Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Israel – the first prime minister of India to visit the Jewish homeland.

In addition to his official official commitments, Modi is also expected to meet Moshe Holtzberg, a survivor of the 26/11 Mumbai terrorist attack in Mumbai 2008. Moshe was two years old when the attack occurred.

“Before the visit, the two countries have prepared a joint economic enterprises roadmap,” Haaretz said June 29, 2017.

“The Israeli cabinet approved a 23-page document pursuing dozens of bilateral measures and a budget of 280 million NIS (about $ 79.6 million, or Rs 514 crore) – a larger sum than Israel has never restricted to China, Africa and Latin America. No less than 11 departments participated in the preparation of the program.
India is the main destination for arms exports to Israel, buying 41 percent of exports between 2012 and 2016, according to the Stockholm International Research Institute for Peace, an independent international research institute and conflict.

Israel is the third largest source of arms in India, with a share of 7.2 percent in imports between 2012 and 2016, alongside the United States (14 percent) and Russia (68 percent).

Early indications of cooperation came during the 1962 Sino-Indian War, while Israel was providing military aid from India. Israel has also aided India during the wars with Pakistan in 1965 and 1971.

India rebuilt during the Six-Day War in 1967, Israel providing spare parts for French Mystere and Hurricane aircraft and AX-13 tanks (also made in France).

The emphasis on partnership was the provision of Israeli artillery shells during the Kargil war in 1999, while India faced a shortage.

In the late 1990s, a critical defense contract was purchased by Barak, an Indian, one air defense missile, purchased specifically for its ability to intercept Harpoon missiles manufactured in the United States deployed by Pakistan.

Indian imports of unarmed UAVs were almost all of Israeli origin. In 176 unmanned aerial vehicles purchased from Israel, 108 are unmanned aerial vehicles. UAV Searcher and Heron are 68.
In April 2017, India and Israel have signed a $ 2 billion for medium-range surface missile system, which will provide the Indian Army the opportunity to shoot down aircraft, missiles and drones distances of up to 70 km.

In September 2016, tests were conducted on surface-to-air long range missiles developed along with a range of 70 km, designed to equip three guided missile destroyers of the Indian Navy.

India has successfully tested the air-surface missile in SPYDER’s rapid response from Israel in May this year. The Indian Air Force (IAF) plans to implement this system on its western border.

India and Israel also cooperate closely in the fight against terrorism problems through a joint working group in the fight against terrorism.

Several official ministerial and senior Israeli visits preceded the Modi tour. These were visits by Interior Minister LK Advani in 2000, former APJ President Abdul Kalam in 2008, Interior Minister Rajnath Singh in 2014, President Pranab Mukherjee in 2015 and Minister of Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj in 2016.

Three ships of the Indian Navy, destroyer INS Mumbai, INS Trishul and frigate INS Aditya cistern made a goodwill visit to the port of Haifa in May 2017 to mark the 25 years of diplomatic relations between the two countries.

In Lofty Versailles Speech, Macron Tells the French to Prepare for Change

In Lofty Versailles Speech, Macron Tells the French to Prepare for Change

In Lofty Versailles Speech, Macron Tells the French to Prepare for Change

PARIS – By stating that citizens had a “thirst for overwhelming renewal,” President Emmanuel Macron urged French lawmakers to vote Monday on “gravity of the circumstances,” warning against fear and cynicism led by poverty, Terrorism, new forms of work and ecological change.

The new president has launched as much as an agent of change that France wanted and as a bulwark against his country a new uncertain world order.

Mr. Macron said very little since his election on May 7, cultivating a kind of mystery about his exact intentions. It broke this mid-season on Monday in a speech that lasted more than an hour in a rare joint session of the French parliament in Versailles.

He set a high standard for his five-year term, giving a tone but largely avoiding the details.

Instead, the president returned to the campaign mode: an extended and high-flying speech, centered largely on the quasi-mystical relationship of ordinary citizens to political power. This relationship was damaged, he suggested.
For Macron split in France, the success is wide. But how? 12 JUIN 2017
Along the way, which has widespread, with moralists praise for France’s cultural heritage, a petition for the “fair and humane” treatment of refugees, the implementation of a less technological and semi-sought European Union hidden in the States United under President Trump when he warned against such “democracies, old allies, now threatening the established order.”

By American Expression standards, it was abstract. But Mr Macron was a point: the French citizens demanded changes after years of stagnation, had to change and it was man to do so.

“This is nothing less than the elimination between the French and Republic citizens, the relationship has dissolved within the framework of the mechanical exercise of energy,” Macron said.

“A contractual relationship,” he added. “Efficiency, representativeness and accountability, I want the emergence of a contractual republic.”

“Our democracy nourishes itself in action and in our capacity to change what is daily and real,” he said. “It’s not five years of adjustment and the half-measures we have before us,” said Mr. Macron. The French “waiting for a deep transformation.”

First, it was proposed to reduce by a third body that heard, the French swollen parliament of 900 members. He then told lawmakers that they had less regulation.

“We are going to put an end to the proliferation of legislation,” he said, which was not compatible with the changing economy and society that confronts France.

This motive was consistent with the disdain that Mr. Macron has shown since the beginning of the world of conventional French politics.
“The French showed their impatience with a political world made up of hollow sterile disputes and ambitions in which we have lived so far,” he said Monday.

Surveys show that the French are now more optimistic than they were in recent years. Mr. Macron wanted to encourage optimism about the future Monday.

France was asked to become “the center of a new humanist project for the world,” informing citizens to beware of “cynicism that remains at home.”

He added, “And that’s all we need to close it, day after day.”

He entered the French press, which he has largely avoided since his election, calling for “putting an end to these men hunting” to “the unceasing pursuit of scandal” and a “frenzy of shame for us” – and it has already cost several Ministers contaminated by the potential for financial misconduct.

“This year he probably would not have been elected except by revelations in the media about a power-deflecting scandal affecting his main rival, center-right politician François Fillon.

Trump vows to help Charlie Gard, the terminally ill infant at center of British legal battle

Trump vows to help Charlie Gard, the terminally ill infant at center of British legal battle

Trump vows to help Charlie Gard, the terminally ill infant at center of British legal battle

President Trump and the Vatican have spoken in support of Charlie Gard, a British baby ended whose case attracted worldwide attention after European courts have decided that he could be removed from life support against the wishes of his parents.

Francisco said on Twitter that “they defend human life, especially when it is harmed by disease, it is a duty of love that God gives to all.”

Italian news agency ANSA reported on Monday that officials of an Italian hospital belonging to the Vatican asking their counterparts from Great Ormond Street Hospital in London Charlie is 10 months old can be transferred from Rome to Rome.
Helen Aguirre Ferré, director of media affairs at the White House on Monday, said that “learning” Charlie’s case, the president “has offered to help the family in this heartbreaking situation.”

It is not at all clear how the United States government could help. During a harrowing legal struggle in Europe, Charlie’s parents argued that there was no experimental treatment in the United States they had not tried.

However, the courts decided that the therapy would not help and extend the treatment that Charlie would probably cause more harm to the child.
Trump did not speak directly to the family, said Aguirre Ferré, but administration officials have given in to the British government.

“The president trying to be useful, if possible,” he said.

As for the possible treatment in Rome, the president of the Bambino Gesù hospital, Mariella Enoc, said on Monday: “We know it is a lost case and there are no effective therapies.” According to ANSA, Enoc added: “We are close relatives and prayer, if it is your desire, ready to carry your child during the time he has left of life.”

Vatican spokesman Greg Burke, who responded to the pope’s remarks with the hashtag #CharlieGard, said in a statement that Francis had called Charlie’s parents to deal with him until his death.

“The Holy Father follows with affection and emotion the case of little Charlie Gard and expresses his closeness to his parents,” the statement said, according to Vatican Radio. “For them, pray, hoping that their desire to support and care for their own child in the end is not overlooked.”

D.C. federal appeals court blocks Environmental Protection Agency’s effort to suspend Obama-era methane pollution rule

D.C. federal appeals court blocks Environmental Protection Agency’s effort to suspend Obama-era methane pollution rule

D.C. federal appeals court blocks Environmental Protection Agency’s effort to suspend Obama-era methane pollution rule

WASHINGTON – A federal appeals court in Washington ruled Monday that the head of the Environmental Protection Agency exceeded its authority by trying to delay implementation of a new rule requiring oil and gas companies to control and reduce methane leaks .

In a split decision – the first major legal defeat for Scott Pruitt, the EPA Administrator – the three-judge court of the US District Court Circuit Court of the United States ordered the Environment Agency to proceed with the A requirement of the Obama era, which aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from oil and gas operations.

The decision indicates that President Donald Trump’s plans to erase the environmental record of his predecessor will have to face a tough battle in court.

M. Pruitt announced in April that it would delay for 90 days the deadline for oil and gas companies to follow the new rule for the agency to reconsider the measure.

The American Petroleum Institute, the Texas Oil and Gas Association and other industry groups had asked Mr. Pruitt to remove the requirement, which was due to come into force in June.

Last month, M. Pruitt announced his intention to extend the 90-day stay for two years. A coalition of six environmental groups opposed the delay in court, prompting appeals judges to block Mr Pruitt’s decision.

In a recent interview with The Washington Post, M. Pruitt said, “The fact that you anticipate a delay in implementation or compliance no longer necessarily means that you are going to reverse or redirect the rule.”

In a detailed decision of 31 pages that could jeopardize the comprehensive legal strategy Trump administration to trace the rules of the Obama era, the court did not agree with the assertion of M. Pruitt that the industry groups had not had enough Opportunity to comment before the adoption of the 2016 standard.

The judges also said that Mr. Pruitt lacked the legal authority under the Clean Air Act to prevent the rule from coming into effect with the “unreasonable” “arbitrary” and “capricious” decision.

“The EPA’s stay, in other words, is essentially an order to delay the effective date of the standard, this court held that these orders equivalent to modify or revoke a rule,” said Judges David Tatel and Robert Wilkins. They rejected the “degradation” of the claim that regulated EPA entities did not have the opportunity to comment “on an aspect of the standard that limits methane and pollutants to form smoke emitted by oil and gas sinks.

The third member of the three-judge panel, Janice Rogers Brown, disagreed.

The Monday decision does not mean that the rule imposing the first federal limits on methane leaks can not be reversed. But for this, the judges said that the agency should initiate a new regulatory process to cancel the regulation and respect the state of the meantime was Obama.