Manchester terror attack LIVE: Angela Merkel expresses ‘sorrow and horror’, says Germany stands by Britain

Manchester terror attack LIVE: Angela Merkel expresses ‘sorrow and horror’, says Germany stands by Britain

At least nineteen people were killed in the suspected explosion at the end of a pop concert by American star Ariana Grande in Manchester, northwest England, which is treated as a terrorist incident, police said.
Witnesses described a “big explosion of bombs” and panic scenes as young fans fled the scene. A fleet of ambulances were seen running to scene teams and bomb deactivation were sent shortly after.
Images | The panic takes over Manchester after a terror explosion in concert Ariana Grande
“This case is now treated as a terrorist incident until the police know otherwise,” police said in a statement. The High Commissioner of India in London has launched a response unit and activated more hotlines to help Indian citizens trapped in the Manchester A terrorist attack claimed 22 lives. German Chancellor Angela Merkel expressed her “pain and horror” over the terrorist attack in Manchester.
“This alleged terrorist attack will only reinforce our commitment to work with our British friends against those who plan and carry out such inhumane acts to guarantee people in Britain.” Germany is at her side, Merkel said in a statement. British police closed the London bus station and surrounding streets, the BBC reported, after finding a suspicious package.
“A suspicious package is marked,” said a Metropolitan Police spokesman.
Buckingham Palace Road and other streets in the area are closed: Reuters quoted French President Emmanuel Macron BBC made a telephone call with British Prime Minister Theresa May following the Manchester attack, Macron’s office said in a statement Tuesday.

Ministry Of Shipping Initiates Project Green Ports

The Union Ministry of Shipping or January 19, 2016 started Project Greer Ports, which will help in making the Maj o: Ports across India cleaner and greener Project Green Ports will have twc verticals—Green Ports Initiatives an: Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan. It include; twelve initiatives which will be implemented under strict time-boun; fashion in order to achieve the target; Some of these initiatives are— Preparation and monitoring plan Acquiring equipments required fo: monitoring environmental pollution. Acquiring dust suppression system Setting up of sewage/waste wate: treatment plants/ garbage disposal plan: Setting up projects for energy generatio: from renewable energy sources Completion of shortfalls of Oil SpL Response (OSR) facilities (Tier-1); anc Prohibition of disposal of almost all kin: of garbage at sea, improving the qualir of harbour wastes, etc.

The Ministry has identified 20 activitie; with certain time-line to promot: cleanliness at the port premises. Some of] the activities include Cleaning the wharf Cleaning and repairing of sheds; Cleanin: and repairing of port roads; Paintim road signs, zebra crossing, pavemerr edges; Modernising and cleanliness of a1 the toilet complexes in the operation: area; Placement of dustbins at reguR intervals; Beautification and cleaning of parks; Putting boards indicating cleanliness messages; Cleaning an:

repairing of all drainages and storm water systems; and Tree plantation. In order to achieve these objectives, regular training will be provided to the staff in order to generate awareness and inculcate a positive’ attitude towards keeping the environment clean and green.