Google Android O Preview: Smart Text Selection, Picture-in-Picture, Android Go And More

Google Android O Preview: Smart Text Selection, Picture-in-Picture, Android Go And More

Google 1 Day I / O at the Shoreline Amphitheater at Mountain View Headquarters, Google has celebrated a milestone to reach 2 billion Android active monthly products in the world. At the event, Google showed several ways that are working to make Android more useful, including a beta version of Android O.
Android O, later this year, aims to provide smoother experiences for users as well as improvements to areas of the phone called “vital signs” such as battery life and safety. Selecting smart text will help improve copy and paste using the machine learning to recognise entities on the screen as a complete address. Users can even view an application as maps to help navigate to that address.
Under the hood, Android O aims to make smartphone and apps boot faster, with additional optimisations to developers in order to prevent battery fading.
Android Or starts deploying later this year, but developers can try using the / beta preview now. Google also aims to reach the next billion users with a new initiative: Android Go.
Android Go is a new configuration of Android initiative for Android devices entry level. The goal of Go Android is to get computers into the hands of more people by creating a smartphone experience on all Android devices with 1 GB or less of memory.
Android Go is designed with relevant features for people who have limited data connectivity and speak several languages. It focuses on three main areas: the Android operating system, Google Apps and Google Play Store.
This is an optimisation of the latest version of Android, starting with Android O to run smoothly on entry-level devices.
It also includes Google apps designed specifically like go YouTube, Chrome and Gboard, use less memory, storage and mobile data. There will also be a Play Store version that highlights apps designed specifically for the next billion users, while still offering the entire suite of apps.
All three things will be spent together as a single entity, starting in 2018.

How do EVMs, VVPAT machines work? Election Commission to demonstrate tomorrow

How do EVMs, VVPAT machines work? Election Commission to demonstrate tomorrow

In the ongoing debate over the fact that electronic voting machines (EVMs) can be manipulated, the Election Commission said it would hold a press conference on Saturday to announce the dates of the “EVM challenge.” Aside from the press conference, the survey will demonstrate the operation of the EVM live machinery and the verifiable paper audit system (VVPAT) to prove that they are infallible.
Several opposition parties, Aam Aadmi as the party and Congress have advanced EVM manipulation allegations in the federal election that has just concluded. The AAP has also shown, in a special session of the Delhi Assembly, how the EVM machine could be manipulated using a special code that can be fed during the voting process. The EC has denied the allegations and is likely to bring “open defiance” to all political parties this month in which they can try to demonstrate the alteration of the machines. The EC said that VVPAT machines will be used in all upcoming elections which voters can verify with the paper’s help if the vote was actually paid to the party for which they voted. The decision was announced after a daily meeting of all parties. At the meeting, several parties raised the issue of counterfeiting of EVM and some, such as Congress-Trinamool, RJD and BSP have even suggested a return to paper ballots.

‘Tie Arundhati Roy to army jeep’: Paresh Rawal kicks up a storm on Twitter

‘Tie Arundhati Roy to army jeep’: Paresh Rawal kicks up a storm on Twitter

Bollywood actor and parliamentarian BJP, Paresh Rawal, found themselves in the middle of a storm on Monday after Twitter said that writer Arundhati Roy was attached to a military jeep, suggesting that it is being used in a manner similar to that of A Kashmir valley in the past month.
“Instead of linking the pewter stone to the army jeep, Arundhati Roy joins!” The member of the Lok Sabha Gujarat tweeted Sunday night. It was not clear in what context he was speaking. His comments provoked the condemnation of many users on Twitter, some considering as an attempt to incite an elected public representative. The incident in April in which one of Kashmir was linked to a jeep army, apparently as a human shield, provoked outrage in Kashmir. The army has initiated an investigation into a court personnel about the incident.
Rawal also approved a tweet from another user who suggested that journalist Sagarika Ghose is treated the same way. Roy is an award-winning writer whose views on the separatist Kashmir have been controversial. He has also been a strong critic of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who left the Rawal state is now a deputy.
Sagarika Ghose in a vein seems sarcastic, citing the tweet Rawal.It is one of the Indian personalities led by the trolls who support the Bharatiya Janata Party for their political opinions.Royal no, Is on Twitter.
Rawal’s comments also caught the attention of many Twitter users, with a little tab with more names that they would like to be treated in this way.

Akhilesh govt splurged Rs 15 crore on functions to distribute Rs 20 crore: CAG

Akhilesh govt splurged Rs 15 crore on functions to distribute Rs 20 crore: CAG

The AKHILESH Yadav Government in Uttar Pradesh has spent Rs 15.06 crore between 2012 and 2013 the value of the check distribution functions of Rs 20.58 crore to the beneficiaries of the unemployment benefit scheme. And when the plan provided that the money should be deposited directly into the bank accounts of the beneficiaries.
This surprising conclusion is part of a report from the “General and Social Sector”, prepared by the Comptroller and Auditor General of India (CAG) and presented to the UP Assembly Thursday. According to the report, the previous SP government spent Rs 8.07 crore on seats, refreshments and other arrangements for these functions in 2012-2013 and Rs 6.99 million rupees in transporting the beneficiaries to the scene.
These controls were awarded to approximately 1.26 lakh unemployed and, in many places, were delivered personally by Akhilesh, then the head of government.
“An avoidable expense of Rs 15.06 crore was contracted to organize functions to distribute checks to beneficiaries Berozgari Bhatta Yojna ‘in 69 districts, although the unemployment benefit is credited to the bank accounts of the beneficiaries,” the report said Of CAG.
The quota system was initiated by the SP government 2003-2007 under Mulayam Singh Yadav with Rs 1000 for each of unemployed in the age of 30 to 40 years. The initiative concerned state residents enrolled in the employment office and an annual income of less than 36,000 Rs.
According to the CAG, the plan was reinstated by the Akhilesh government in May 2012. The report indicates that, in accordance with Rule 8.4 (i) of the Plan, payment should be submitted quarterly in cash savings accounts opened at Banks nationalized or in the chatria Gramin bank by the beneficiaries. Account details have been provided by beneficiaries on their application forms to make use of the plan.
The report also noted that the plan’s guidelines do not include any provisions for the transportation of beneficiaries or for seating and refreshment locations.
The report noted that the government, during a discussion on the project in November 2016, “acceptance of facts and figures, (and) opening bank accounts in the nationalized bank was mandatory according to the” Yama or vali “plan (Guidelines) “, stated that” payment to the beneficiary through bank accounts was not binding. “

List of 4G smartphone with best battery life

List of 4G smartphone with best battery life

The smartphones in this list have the best life and battery capacity with 4000, 5000 mAh (milli-ampere-hours or ampere-hours). We have included a feature smartphone with reversible charge and quick-charge base.


The list of smartphones is consolidated after a thorough analysis of all models available worldwide. The long battery life of smartphones are an ideal companion if you travel a lot or use it daily for hours. These are the best smartphone battery with support for 4G.


We usually fight for battery life with low battery capacity, and we often find recharging points at airports, coffee shops, and long trips. The item has the best long mobile life of Rs. 5000 ($ 75).


With the increasing use of 4G data, particularly the distribution of videos and games, the battery more quickly. The alternative is to have a power bank, but most people do not want to carry an extra device at all times. This requires the purchase of a battery in the optimal smartphone.


You can check the specifications of the Top 10 smartphones mentioned later in this article and click on the following link to access the details of each smartphone. I would suggest reading the publication below, will review the content of smartphones that you might consider buying.


Here are the top smartphones of battery life, starting with the Nubia N1 big battery phone battery with 5000 mAh capacity.


List of the best phones with battery backup with prices ranging from Rs. 248 to Rs. 64,412. We found 111 mobiles. A summary of the results:


The most popular phones: redmi Rating Xiaomi 4 Xiaomi redmi range 3S Prime and Gionee A1 at the top of the popularity charts.


Best Cell Phones: The best phones to buy are Oppo F3 Plus with a score of 96, Samsung Galaxy Pro C9 with a score of 94 and Asus Zenfone Ultra 3 with a score of 93.


Performance: Oppo mobile phones such as the F3 Plus Samsung Galaxy Pro and C9 Umi Plus E offer smooth running and no delays.


Screen: Smartphones like Samsung Galaxy Pro C9, Pro and Samsung Galaxy A9 M5 Gionee Marathon Plus have good resolution and color reproduction.


Camera: With more megapixels and vivid images, Oppo F3 Plus, Asus Zenfone 3 Ultra and Coolpad Cool1 Dual 3 GB of RAM are the best buy in camera performance.


Battery: Mobile as Doogee T6 Pro BLU BLU and Power M X Power Plus 2 offers a long battery life.


Latest battery backup phones: Recent releases include Micromax Evok qualification, Cold Coolpad1 Dual 3 GB RAM and Gionee A1.




Here is the list of Best Smart phones with 4G



·         ZTE Nubia N1
·         Lenovo P2ZTE A2 Plus (5000 MAH Battery Back Up) Price Rs 10999 Or $170
·         Xiaomi Redmi 3S $120 Or Rs 6999
·         Motorola Moto E3 Power Price Rs. 8,000 Or $ 130
·         Intex Aqua Y2 Power Priced At Rs. 3,009 Or $50


Top Five Trends In beauty services at home in Mumbai To Watch.

Top Five Trends In beauty services at home in Mumbai To Watch.

As we all know that, the Yoga and meditation are the perfect trends for the best beauty services and it was started from the past years. The Yoga is the wellness trend for the health and well-being. Along with that, it is also easier to treat yourself.

There are top five trends in beauty services at home in Mumbai to watch

Makes different personalities by the beauty

It is the great trend in the beauty services that it provides the best opportunity and makes the different personalities. It helps to increase the beauty by the best cosmetics, which beauticians may use on the skin of the person.

Provides the best care at home 

The beauty services at home by Glow Up India must provide the best cosmetics for good skin of the women or girls because women are no longer purchasing their tampons and accouterments in grocery or drug stores. It is the best way of the future to order your organic and chicly packaged feminine supplies through the mail.

Wellness travel to reach home

Under the system of beauty services at home in Mumbai must travel to reach the home of customers and it becomes also easy to get the beauty services at home at your convenient time. Every free people wants to get the wellness fair at their home without going anywhere.

Makes the greater beauty

The beauty will be perfect and you will look naturally beautiful. If you will get the beauty services at the home, then you don’t have to take the worry by using different cosmetics, because, that beauticians may also use the home remedies for your glowing skin.

Different products

The beauty service is providing the different products for the man and woman as suits on them.  In fact, notable men seem poised to take over the beauty and wellness of the market.


Ministry Of Shipping Initiates Project Green Ports

The Union Ministry of Shipping or January 19, 2016 started Project Greer Ports, which will help in making the Maj o: Ports across India cleaner and greener Project Green Ports will have twc verticals—Green Ports Initiatives an: Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan. It include; twelve initiatives which will be implemented under strict time-boun; fashion in order to achieve the target; Some of these initiatives are— Preparation and monitoring plan Acquiring equipments required fo: monitoring environmental pollution. Acquiring dust suppression system Setting up of sewage/waste wate: treatment plants/ garbage disposal plan: Setting up projects for energy generatio: from renewable energy sources Completion of shortfalls of Oil SpL Response (OSR) facilities (Tier-1); anc Prohibition of disposal of almost all kin: of garbage at sea, improving the qualir of harbour wastes, etc.

The Ministry has identified 20 activitie; with certain time-line to promot: cleanliness at the port premises. Some of] the activities include Cleaning the wharf Cleaning and repairing of sheds; Cleanin: and repairing of port roads; Paintim road signs, zebra crossing, pavemerr edges; Modernising and cleanliness of a1 the toilet complexes in the operation: area; Placement of dustbins at reguR intervals; Beautification and cleaning of parks; Putting boards indicating cleanliness messages; Cleaning an:

repairing of all drainages and storm water systems; and Tree plantation. In order to achieve these objectives, regular training will be provided to the staff in order to generate awareness and inculcate a positive’ attitude towards keeping the environment clean and green.

International Solar Alliance Headquartered In India With UN As Strategic Partner

Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi along with the President of France, Mr. Francois Hollande, on January 25, 2016 laid the foundation stone of the International Solar Alliance (ISA) headquarters in National Institute of Solar Energy (NISE) in Gwalpahari, Gurgaon. They also inaugurated the interim Secretariat of the ISA at the same place. India dedicated 5 acres of land at NISE to ISA for hosting its Secretariat and also contributed Rs. 175 crore for ISA corpus fund for an initial period of five years. Thereafter, it is expected to generate its own resources and become self-financing. ISA is part of Prime Minister’s vision to bring clean and affordable energy within the reach of all and create a sustainable world. It will be a new beginning for accelerating development and deployment of solar energy for achieving universal energy access and energy security of the present and future generations. Speaking on the occasion, Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi stated that the ISA would be India’s first international and inter-governmental organisation headquartered in India. ISA will be dedicated to promotion of solar energy for making solar energy a valuable source of affordable and reliable green and clean energy in 121 member countries. He thanked the President of France for his continued help and support in shaping the ISA. Mr. Hollande said that France wanted to build the post-Paris Agreement world with India and ISA paved the way for this. The Alliance has France’s full support. He announced that the French Development Agency would allocate 300 million euros to developing solar energy over the next five years in order to finance the initial projects.

The ISA has been envisioned as a specialised platform and will contribute towards the common goal of increasing utilisation and promotion of solar energy and solar applications in its member countries. It was jointly launched in Paris by India and France on November 30, 2015 during the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP21)A


India and Brunei on February 2, 2016 signed three Memoranda of Understanding (MoU) to cooperate in the fields of defence, health and youth affairs & sports. These MoUs were signed by representatives of both countries in the presence of the visiting Vice-President Mr. Hamid Ansari at Brunei’s capital Bandar Seri Begawan. The key agenda of Vice President’s visit was to decide upon the specifics of defence cooperation, health sector tie-up and establishing a gas-based urea manufacturing unit by India in Brunei. Mr. Ansari also met the Sultan of Brunei Haji Hassanal Bolkiah Muizzaddin Waddaulah.

Vice-President Mr. Hamid Ansari with
Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah
Mui^yaddin Waddaulah, Sultan of

Brunei, in Brunei on February 2, 2016.

An MoU in Health Cooperation was signed with an objective to establish cooperation in the field of health between the two countries by means of pooling technical, scientific, financial and human resources and pharmaceutical regulatory practices. An MoU on Defence Cooperation has a purpose to enhance and expand the scope of Defence Cooperation between the two countries in various fields. Defence ties between India and Brunei dates back to many decades and already exist in the form of naval ship visits, training of senior military officers in Staff Colleges and exchange of experience. The defence agreement between both countries is being considered as a major diplomatic breakthrough since both sides established formal relations in 1984. Currently, oil-rich Brunei’s defence responsibilities are handled by the United Kingdom. India’s defence cooperation with Brunei plays significant role in the present circumstances as the later has territorial disputes with China on the issue of South China Sea. An MoU on Cooperation in Youth and Sports Affairs seeks to provide a framework for exchanges of sports teams and sportspersons.


During the visit, Vice-Presiden: Mr. Hamid Ansari also talked abou: terrorism, especially how technology ha; been used and importance of sharing information to fight against terrorism the South China Sea dispute and the role of ASEAN to promote regional security.