Exclusive: Read Excerpts From Sita: Warrior of Mithila by Amish Tripathi

Exclusive: Read Excerpts From Sita: Warrior of Mithila by Amish Tripathi

Through this exclusive agreement with Westland Ltd, Network18 Digital brings you a brand new concept in book publishing! Every day Network18 digital publish a small selection of about 600 words from Amish’s upcoming book, Sita – Mithila Warrior. See those little daily extracts that make up a series until the book launch May 29th But note that this extreme series May 29th Keep these excerpts from every day for the next 13 days will amount to a little less Of 4 chapters, as an aperitif. While the food is in the book! And it will be available May 29th You can pre-book Sita – Mithila Warrior by clicking on the links at the end of this brief summary. Surnaina clearly ignored the beam behind the vulture. Concentrate on the massive bird, which began to unravel a mellow and relaxing melody. The vulture seemed to fade a little. He withdrew his claws. Grunt reduced in volume and intensity.
Sunaina stepped forward. Gently. Little by little. Once she lowered her head and put the bowl of water attached to the birds. Then he backed away too slowly. She spoke in a melodious voice. “I came to help … trust me …”
The stupid beast understands the tone of the human. He complained to drink water, but instead fell to the ground. Sunaina ran and bowed her head to the bird now, caressing softly. The boy, wrapped in a rich cloth of red color with black stripes, weeping desperately. She motioned for a soldier to collect the precious prize while continuing to calm the bird. What a handsome baby, stuck Janak, as he leaned his large rigid frame and approached his wife, his eyes usually as far as but separated full of love and attention.
Janak and Sunaina were sitting in temporarily installed chairs. The baby was sleeping comfortably in Sunaina’s arm, slipped into a soft cotton cloth. A massive umbrella they shade the hot sun. The actual doctor examined the baby and a wound was placed on the right temple with herbs and neem leaves.

Watch Aishwarya Rai Bachchan kiss and cuddle daughter Aaradhya in Cannes

Watch Aishwarya Rai Bachchan kiss and cuddle daughter Aaradhya in Cannes

Aishwarya Rai has spread her red carpet in Cannes magic, but her daughter no less Aaradhya was a star herself. She smiled, stirred and delighted everyone around her.
While Aishwarya may have attended the festival as a representative of L’Oreal Paris India, a new video shared by them shows that the 43-year-old actress accolades her 5-year-old daughter and kisses at the red carpet Aaradhya events.  smiled happily at the cameras as she walked with her stepmother. Aishwarya wore a Ralph and Russo gown amazing red on the fourth day of the festival, while qu’Aaradhya in a pink dress with a cute pink band to accompany him. When asked if Aaradhya became familiar with the greatness of the festival, Aishwarya said how to take pictures with the fans. “Well, I think so, since it includes the fact that they are photographed wherever we go – at the airport, out of our house. She knows we are going to places and we see our posters everywhere” said the Aishwarya media at Mumbai during a video call since the Cannes Film Festival.
“I think Aaradhya is very conscious, but I do not feel like talking about these things,” Aishwarya said. “There are some things in it (Aaradhya) that make me smile … like when the fans come to me with an auto foto petition, she photobombs sometimes asks me.” Mom, do not you? “As she knows, I ask for bells not to click on her photos. In fact, the recent image of the airport that you have all seen was the subject of a story.”
“When I saw the photo, I asked:” Who are you that acts? “She said,” No, Mumma, he said, there are not, there are no pictures, please! “Is not she cute? She’s very spontaneous.

This die hard fan of Rajinikanth booked Rs 1.5 lakh air ticket just to breath the same air as superstar

When superstar Rajinikanth appeared in front of the fans and blessed them with his unusual “darshan” when taking pictures with fans in Chennai, we met with fans who have gone one step further and we are assured that they are there to see Rajinikanth. T is a known fact that fans are crazy superstar Rajinikanth. Not just the biggest pockets or posters larger than the life these fans are. Some are to some extent.
Monday, when the demigod himself appeared in front of the fans and blessed them with his unusual “darshan” by taking pictures with the fans, we will meet with fans who have gone one step further and we were assured that they are present for See Rajinikanth.For Sreenivasan Jayaseelan, 40, meeting Rajinikanth in Chennai was almost impossible with strict security measures around the star. So when he had a smell to Rajinikanth fly to Hong Kong to shoot his film Lingaa 2014 Jayaseelan made this important decision. He immediately booked a ticket for him, his wife and his two sons on the same flight as Rajinikanth and paid a sum of Rs 1.50 lakh offender for the trip.
“Money is nothing in front of my God.We have to breathe the same oxygen as our THALAIVAR few hours of flight.What do we need,” Jayaseelan said. He accompanied his family to the hotel where Rajinikanth was left.
“He was so humble.He got up from the chair and asked my nine-year-old to sit down.The star.He spoke for twenty minutes.My wife asked to do her signature style by wearing sunglasses and bound “Is locked in our memories now,” said Jayaseelan.
Jayaseelan keeps the sunglasses on and does not allow anyone to touch them. The family returned the same night in Chennai because they had made the trip to Rajinikanth. “But he kept saying he did not lose money for me, it happened to his family,” recalls Jayaseelan. Do not forget to pick up the eye mask mask used by Rajinikanth to maintain for life.

Top Five Trends In beauty services at home in Mumbai To Watch.

Top Five Trends In beauty services at home in Mumbai To Watch.

As we all know that, the Yoga and meditation are the perfect trends for the best beauty services and it was started from the past years. The Yoga is the wellness trend for the health and well-being. Along with that, it is also easier to treat yourself.

There are top five trends in beauty services at home in Mumbai to watch

Makes different personalities by the beauty

It is the great trend in the beauty services that it provides the best opportunity and makes the different personalities. It helps to increase the beauty by the best cosmetics, which beauticians may use on the skin of the person.

Provides the best care at home 

The beauty services at home by Glow Up India must provide the best cosmetics for good skin of the women or girls because women are no longer purchasing their tampons and accouterments in grocery or drug stores. It is the best way of the future to order your organic and chicly packaged feminine supplies through the mail.

Wellness travel to reach home

Under the system of beauty services at home in Mumbai must travel to reach the home of customers and it becomes also easy to get the beauty services at home at your convenient time. Every free people wants to get the wellness fair at their home without going anywhere.

Makes the greater beauty

The beauty will be perfect and you will look naturally beautiful. If you will get the beauty services at the home, then you don’t have to take the worry by using different cosmetics, because, that beauticians may also use the home remedies for your glowing skin.

Different products

The beauty service is providing the different products for the man and woman as suits on them.  In fact, notable men seem poised to take over the beauty and wellness of the market.


Ministry Of Shipping Initiates Project Green Ports

The Union Ministry of Shipping or January 19, 2016 started Project Greer Ports, which will help in making the Maj o: Ports across India cleaner and greener Project Green Ports will have twc verticals—Green Ports Initiatives an: Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan. It include; twelve initiatives which will be implemented under strict time-boun; fashion in order to achieve the target; Some of these initiatives are— Preparation and monitoring plan Acquiring equipments required fo: monitoring environmental pollution. Acquiring dust suppression system Setting up of sewage/waste wate: treatment plants/ garbage disposal plan: Setting up projects for energy generatio: from renewable energy sources Completion of shortfalls of Oil SpL Response (OSR) facilities (Tier-1); anc Prohibition of disposal of almost all kin: of garbage at sea, improving the qualir of harbour wastes, etc.

The Ministry has identified 20 activitie; with certain time-line to promot: cleanliness at the port premises. Some of] the activities include Cleaning the wharf Cleaning and repairing of sheds; Cleanin: and repairing of port roads; Paintim road signs, zebra crossing, pavemerr edges; Modernising and cleanliness of a1 the toilet complexes in the operation: area; Placement of dustbins at reguR intervals; Beautification and cleaning of parks; Putting boards indicating cleanliness messages; Cleaning an:

repairing of all drainages and storm water systems; and Tree plantation. In order to achieve these objectives, regular training will be provided to the staff in order to generate awareness and inculcate a positive’ attitude towards keeping the environment clean and green.