Anil Madhav Dave dies at 60: All-round environmentalist who worked for Narmada’s conservation throughout his life

In July 2012, Dave’s Anil Madhav wrote his will. He wanted to be cremated by the Narmada River after his death.
“My funerals are performed according to the Vedic rituals, and if possible, cremation is on the banks of the Narmada Bandrabhan River where Nadi Mahotsav was organized.If you want to enjoy my memories, plant trees and store them.My pleasure,” he said Dave, in a written will and signed before July 23, 2012.
It was not just a common wish. The Narmada River, regarded as the lifeline of Madhya Pradesh, was the main focus of Dave, the Minister of State Environment Union, who died in New Delhi on Thursday at the age of 60. According to his wishes, he would be cremated to 9 years. I’m Bandrabhan in Madhya Pradesh on Friday.
There are only three days one of the most important recent events associated with the Narmada River reached a peak of its origin in Amarkantak in Madhya Pradesh. David must have been satisfied with the conclusion of “Namami Devi Narmada Sewa Yatra” of 148 days covering 1100 villages and a distance of 3 350 km – a circumambulation the way of the river, from its origin to its encounter with the sea by thousands of Predecessor Narendra Modi unveiled a plan for the conservation of Narmada in the Amarkantak May 15 – the day ends Sewa Yatra.
Dave has advised the Government of Madhya Pradesh on the conservation of the Narmada River, considered the state lifeline, and the plan was the result of that.
It was, after all, a cause that was close to the heart of David. From the earliest advocates of river preservation and an expert in the field, he founded the NGO ‘Narmada Samagra’ to help save the river from pollution and other forms of exploitation.
The connection with Narmada Dave was not only a breast activist, but he was much more emotional than imagined. Many do not know that the river for him was a symbol of their faith, which deeply loved entity. He proceeded to circumambulation river walk through rafting and fly around it – he was a private pilot licensed and flew a plane around the Narmada parikram in a single air that lasted 18 hours.

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