Coal Scam: Former Coal Secretary, 2 Bureaucrats Convicted By CBI Court

NEW DELHI: Former coal secretary, HC Gupta, is one of three former officials found guilty of corruption in a fraud case by a CBI special court today.
The case involving the assignment of a coal mining block in Madhya Pradesh to a private company is the first case in which government officials were killed in a guilty coal-fraud case.
The other two are presumed guilty KS Kropha, who was Deputy Secretary of the Coal Ministry and KC Samria, who was a director responsible for the allocation of coal.
M. Gupta, 69, was coal secretary for two years under the UPA government led by Congress before retiring in 2008. As a man who chaired the selection committee who authorized the at least 40 cases Of coal rights, he is accused of playing the role of the massive scam was rated coal.
The former high-level bureaucrat was accused of not following a sales system with the transparent auction and causing tens of millions of losses to taxpayers. He was transferred to a maximum of eight cases.
M. Gupta asked the court for joint evidence of cases against him, citing his age and precarious finances. But his request was rejected because the court said the cases were at different stages.
Last year headlines came to a head when he tearfully testified in CBI courts that he would rather be a prison trial rather than being released on bail since he could no longer afford his legal defence. He said that his “inner voice” told him “God wants me to be in jail.” He then withdrew his request for cancellation of the deposit.
During arguments in court, M. Gupta had stated that Prime Minister Manmohan Singh had given “final approval” in the case. The IWC, however, rebutted its claim and said that Dr Singh, who also held the Ministry’s coal portfolio at that time was “kept in the dark” and cheated.

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